The second core activity is weekly participation in smaller groups or fellowships for mutual edification.

In these smaller groups we grow our love and knowledge of God through study of His Word. But we add to this a more personalized communion with each other. There is a “belongingness” that is established that provides a forum for greater interaction, encouragement and care. It is in these smaller groups, the second greatest commandment of Christ is reinforced which is “to love your neighbor as yourselves” (Mt.22:39). Our growing love for God becomes foundational for our growing love for each other through our smaller communities or fellowships. There is a greater accountability and personal care that takes place as each of these groups meet each week.


Our third core activity is participation in ministry together.

As we obey God’s Word and fellowship with each another, our gratitude towards God is expressed through acts of ministry or service. It is through these acts of service that God brings about the salvation of our unbelieving family and friends. God wants to use us in leading others to believe, belong, and become all that God has called them to be in Christ. We profess our gratitude for Christ through sharing our time, giftedness, talents, and financial resources. We do this by serving Christ through His church. Come and join us as we meet together to enjoy God and enjoy each other!